Nigerian punter, Otunba died after tweeting “I don’t care to die tomorrow”

Popular Nigerian punter, Otunba is dead, he was known on Twitter as Bet2win before his death and was popular with sports bettors for giving betting tips.

Nigerians took to social media to lament the death of the popular punter, who died only five days after he announced that his doctors had advised him to rest a long time after he was rushed back to the hospital.

Before his death, Otunba, who had a huge following on Twitter – with 10.3 million users keeping up with him – had listed the things he wanted to achieve before he dies and his followers say he achieved them all and even touched the lives of people who never met him.

He once tweeted that he doesn’t “care” if he dies “tomorrow” but “before I die, I must impact humanity.”

A close friend and punter claimed that the last time they communicated, he told him he was suffering from Ulcer.

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