On 28 August 2017, FARGIN by TENI fell and the response was amazing, as the single was universally embraced.

Fargin, a translation of the English term, Virgin, is a song about Rape and $exual abuse. Teni utilizes her great capacity to storytelling to compose the lyrics for this hit bound single on a high-life beat created by Mystro. Fargin is a growing Nigerian discussion about people who want to seduce girls into s*x.

Teni Fargin is for the African community in terms of s*x education and rape culture. It is about encouraging women to be sure that they are virgins, it’s okay to wait. Practicing healthy s*x is good even if it is not cool. To make young ladies realize they needn’t feel forced to do something they don’t want.

The film is on cheating. A good song sound, and simple to understand. Colorful as well, and we saw Teni showcasing her acting talents. The video released by Adasa Cookey on November 7, 2017, has accrued over 1.8 million views.



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