PDP accuses APC of deceit, cluelessness, insensitivity
PDP accuses APC of deceit, cluelessness, insensitivity

PDP accuses APC of deceit, cluelessness, insensitivity.

The state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) of deception, cluelessness, insensitivity and lack of integrity as Ogun State celebrates its 45th anniversary.

The Ogun PDP, in a statement on Tuesday by its State Chairman, Sikirulai Ogundele, said the State lost its bearing through what it called, “reckless deceit to a situation currently at hand.”

While congratulating the government and people of Ogun State on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the creation of the state, Ogundele recalled that the PDP, under the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, contributed, in most remarkable ways to the fortunes of Ogun State from 2003 to 2011.

He said, “During the eight years of PDP being in the saddle, Ogun State recorded unprecedented achievements in democratic governance. These are evident in the uncommon transformation of key sectors of the state’s economy through rapid industrialization and multi sectorial development which culminated to massive human capital development, empowerment and industrialization which has raised the bar of our economic prosperity and increased the State’s Internally Generated Revenues (IGR).”

However, Ogundele said it was unfortunate that under the APC, “business of democratic government is currently being done in the closet of very few officials of government. Act of governance has been steadily insulated from public queries. There is popular loss of trust in government to provide security of lives and property.”

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The PDP leader proceeded that, “the prevailing confusion in the ruling APC government clearly shows government’s cluelessness in projecting and promoting the general welfare of the people,” accusing the APC government of repeated “trial and error tactics to governance.”

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The statement reads inter alia: “There is increased insensitivity to the plights and anxieties of the working class. Regrettably, government in Ogun State has successfully become uninspiring unlike the way it should to be.

“Again, you have all seen what Local Government administration, the closest tier of participatory government to the people, have become under the watchful eyes of the ruling APC government.

“In the face of these realities, we can not but salute the courage of the people. We understand their anxieties about the future and what they perceived as the seeming intractable problems and challenges in our party; we appreciate their deep concerns and sense of endurance and perseverance even in the face of provocative insensitivities of a government that has shielded itself from public probity and accountability.

“In the spirit of the celebration of the 45th year of the creation of the state however, we are also pleased to urge the people of Ogun State to remain patriotic, devoted and loyal to the common good of the state.

“For us, we fervently hold that all hope is not lost as the PDP is prepared to continuously partner with the people, with rekindled integrity and hope of returning our dear State to the path of socio-economic prosperity via a more responsive and responsible government as Ogun State marches forward to its full-blown greatness.

“We are rebuilding our party and rallying all our leaders to provide the qualitative direction that you all can testify to.

“In due course, we shall get there, just keep your abiding hope and faith in us. We are ready to provide the leadership that you have all enjoyed between 2003 and 2011 again,” it was stated.

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